The Necessity of Identity Based Leadership

February 21, 2019

The Necessity of Identity Based Leadership Today

AUGUST 31, 2022

You were created to lead, not settle as a follower.

The world has so many challenges today, that the skill to be your authentic self and release ideas that can change generations, is vital.

People are really searching for answers to get through the challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

They are still heavily impacted physically, mentally, and emotionally by the effects of COVID-19 and loved ones who passed away from this disease. Mental health and depression statistics are continuing to rise which has led to even suicide increase.  According to The State of Mental Health 2022 report,

“The percentage of adults reporting serious thoughts of suicide is 4.58%. The estimated number of adults with serious suicidal thoughts is over 11.4 million—an increase of 664,000 people from last year’s data set.”

Yes, there are difficult times we are dealing with now. But, you are still here to lead and create effective change humanity desperately needs right now.

People do not need another emotionally hyped up message that makes them feel good, but one that reminds them of their WHY for living, and HOW TO ACTIVATE their real potential and power.

Although one highly renowned leadership expert says, “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less,” the topic of leadership is so vast.

The question is what type of leadership do you specialize in. What is the specific subject matter that sets you apart from the rest of the people in your industry, making you the go to authority to help them break through their barriers?

Identity Based Leadership is leading yourself and other people from within you influencing them to produce the change they were designed to release.

You may ask, “why did you say lead yourself?” If you don’t commit to discovering who you really are, and taking the necessary steps that lead to change within yourself, how can you then influence other people to go beyond their pain and produce results?

Lastly, Identity Based Leadership is about character. If you don’t lead from a position of truth, it opens the door to live an expectation that does not fit you.

You could have a high ranking position with a prestigious organization. It could look like your smile in public shows you are happy, but deep down inside, you are so unhappy and unfulfilled that it is eating away at you each day.

Here are three keys to unlock more of your Identity Based Leadership:

  • Discover your unique difference.

You were made to stand out, not fit in. Once you meet your real self, valuable time and energy will not be wasted attempting to be an exact copy of someone else. What wisdom do you possess that people come to you for answers already? This can be a clue to your gift.

  • Look within and be resourceful.

The solution to your problem is within you in seed form waiting for you to discover and activate it with an unshakable yes. Every problem is an opportunity for your distinct leadership to solve.  

  • Surround yourself with other strong influential leaders.

It’s true that when you expand your network, you position yourself to expand your net worth. Who you have in your inner circle can influence your mindset and actions.

Having access to people like this as your coach or mentor is highly valuable.

Why? Because the moments you feel like quitting, these people will remind you of your WHY started and inspire you to focus on your mission to change lives.

Humanity needs your Identity Based Leadership to help eradicate the problems in our world.

If you don’t show up as a leader, the people your distinct leadership influence are called to solve will not be positioned to grow up and win in their lives.

Ricco S. McAdory

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