Step Into Your Real Authority With Confidence

February 21, 2019

Step Into Your REAL Authority With Confidence

September 1, 2022

Walking in your true authority is an asset, not a liability. When utilized properly, it can help you become the go to person in your field of expertise. As a result, you are able to empower the audience to learn strategies helping them focus on their right path and break through barriers that have kept them settling for positions and places for much too long. So it is imperative that you understand who you are, and what you have been authorized to do.

There is a mindset shift that must occur in order to understand the positive benefit of authority.


For so long, authority has been demonstrated as a negative concept. There have been authority figures who have utilized leadership positions for their own personal gain, and have manipulated the minds of the people they lead to bow to their will. They don’t allow those they lead to make suggestions or recommendations. As a result, the people either shut down or move on. If you had bad experiences with leaders who abused their authority, it can hinder your ability to receive from the right leaders sent to help you. Even when you look up the definition of authority in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, it seems like there is nothing positive associated authority.

“The power to give orders or make decisions. The power or right to direct or control someone or something.”

But I have good news.

The type of authority I am bringing awareness to is one that benefits you and the people you are called to serve. Let’s take a look at the word authority.

When you look at the word AUTHORITY, what is the root word you notice?


So now let’s look at the definition of AUTHOR.

“The writer of a literary work such as a book. Or one that originates or creates something.”

Do you see the contrast of definition between the words? Authority is explained in a negative way and the word author is described in a more positive and creative manner.

However, I do have one question for you.

What solution are you AUTHORED to create that will position you as an AUTHORITY in your industry?  

Is there a book you must write? A keynote that demonstrates your expertise through speaking about a specialized topic? Or is it creating an invention eradicating a problem no one else was willing to confront?

When you understand WHO you are, WHY you exist, and WHAT solutions you are AUTHORized to release that unlock in the minds of your WHO, you don’t seek validation and permission to be and express your AUTHENTIC self.

In closing, I would like to provide you with the 3 A’s to fulfillment.

  • Alignment.

What do you do so well that comes easily to you, but is a challenge to other people? What wisdom do you carry that people always come to you to help them overcome their pain? Your foundational gift is a clue to who you are. Being positioned properly helps you to flow efficiently in your gift.

  • Assignment.

What problem do you see that bothers you the most and inspires you to create change? Your assignment is your obligation that goes beyond how you feel to provide healing to your people. If there is an idea recurring in your mind that won’t leave you alone until you say yes, that could be a clue of your assignment.

  • Authority.

The word authority can also be equated to keys. Just as keys open a door and provide access, what keys do you have within you to unlock the attention of your customer to respect your influence and receive principles that transform their lives? True authority only works in connection with authenticity and compassion to serve others with a genuine commitment to position them to win.

To walk in your true power requires you to be confident in your authority and not waste precious time and energy attempting to become an exact copy of someone else. Embrace your unique difference. You were made to stand out, not fit in.

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