Release Your Potential & Lead From Within

February 21, 2019

Release Your Potential & Lead From Within.

You are loaded! That’s right! You were created with a purpose to LEAD & release an authentic solution in the earth that did not exist before you arrived. You were created to be fruitful and multiply. In other words, you have seeds of greatness to solve challenges around you that can produce an increase to your bank account so you can serve even more people.  

It is said by Dr. Myles Munroe that,

“your future is not ahead of you, but within you.”

So instead of waiting for some person or organization to validate your value, look within you and create so much value that people can’t ignore your existence.

Yes, money is an important medium of exchange that is a means to a desired end. The problem is people have a powerful vision, but get distracted by chasing the money from different opportunities trying to make that vision come to pass, rather than focusing on their authentic WHY. When the WHY is clear, the conviction will be strong, and the results can flow more efficiently.

Another challenge with chasing money alone is that you can see people as dollar signs, rather than actively listen for their pain point and lead them to the right solution. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Operating from your leadership potential helps other people to view you as someone who wants to walk them through their obstacles to accomplish the success they have always envisioned.

Here are three foundational keys to empower you to release your potential:


Once you do an in depth discovery of WHO you are and WHY you exist, you transition from self awareness to self discovery to significance.


When you clearly see your true identity, you will have a strong belief in what you are authorized to do with an extraordinary confidence that is not easily shaken. No longer will you be moved by the average mindset of the crowd. You realize that you were created to stand out and lead, not blend in and hide.


When you make a decision to step out of the ordinary and do the extraordinary, there will be challenges. No great leader who made a great impact, got there without encountering  strong opposition. In the face of difficulty, they decided to face their fears and pressed through to victory. You will have to do the same. The people you think will support you may not, and the people you believe won’t need your solution, are the very people who could say yes to your offer.

Today, make the decision to discover, maximize, and manifest the real you by releasing your potential. Say NO to projects that don’t line up with your vision. Focus and take the necessary actions that will change lives with your Identity Based Leadership.

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